No Mask

Featured photo by Nurse Kate Another one of those updates after a long academic semester for me.  And this time, it’s epic. The Path of a Producer  Fall season has

Pulang Sayang

Kepada kawan-kawan yang kita suka… ….bak kata Zahiril Adzim, seorang pelakon yang saya memang respek. Dah lama saya tinggalkan halaman ini, oleh kerana sibuk dengan urusan sekolah…mengejar deadline projek-projek muzik…di

What Happened When An Amir Dropped By

So last Thursday, Amir and Yue Meng from YESWorld dropped by the house to shoot me a few questions on camera. Nice bunch these guys. Fun humored and sporting. The


An abstract concept of what is beneath the calm surface that we portray. The paradox of what is outside, and what there is inside. Lies coated with sugary words and


Long haired, bearded, with eyes squinting, he entered Uncle Rik’s studio with his weapon of choice – the bass. He had a straight face that suggested he wasn’t the sort

Breaking the Silence

Welcome. It’s been awhile since I have last posted an entry anywhere, and never would I have imagine  that when I broke my silence, that it would be on my