An abstract concept of what is beneath the calm surface that we portray. The paradox of what is outside, and what there is inside. Lies coated with sugary words and misleading gestures. A front they put on and get away with… An alter ego that robs the sanity of their truth. “Poker facing” because they were faced.

“I know there’s something on the other side of things you always say” and “You know there’s something on the other side of things you never say”

Lies and deception.

They are Faceless.

The Journey to Faceless

We all have our little journeys in life. Some good and healthy, some just poison… In every aspect of this we learn and grow to become what we are today. The good and healthy remind us to count our blessings, and the poison…well we suffer, we become stronger people through this and can appreciate the coming good and healthy, even better.

As people of the art, these experiences empower our work – through expressions in different levels and forms (poetry, songs, filming, drawing, writing, way of life etc.). It becomes a source of power, a battery of passion, and the breadwinner to feed creativity.

As the late Yasmin Ahmad once said “Don’t you dare write what you’ve never experienced before”. God bless her soul.

And hence I wrote Faceless.

What is Faceless?

Faceless was written through the many unfortunate deceitful events that I’ve encountered in my life. I have loved, trusted, and been broken into pieces too small that they often get overlooked, and stepped on countless times. But it is because of this fierce love that we give hope a second, or a third deal. And often it comes with the price of paranoia – a weariness that wears a faceless mask.

It is because of this mask do we doubt reality around us and when reality starts to doubt us too, it fades into a corner to unveil its true colour – its actuality. We then learn of this actuality, the kings of truth so to speak, only to learn that our reality is just a broken hope – her game for distractions. And when she is presented with actuality, she becomes faceless too – and toys with your reality.

People can lie, even when we know it, or when they know we know it, they can smile it away as if we don’t know it…

Faceless: it is a song for those who have been hurt, betrayed and lied to.

Click here to download your free copy of ‘Faceless’ (acoustic version).

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