Breaking the Silence


It’s been awhile since I have last posted an entry anywhere, and never would I have imagine  that when I broke my silence, that it would be on my own website.

It really felt like yesterday when my dad taught me the three basic guitar major chords: – D, A, G – on guitar three weeks before my PMR examinations when I was 15. Armed with those chords (and under considerable amount of pressure from studying!), I wrote my first song ever titled ‘I’m Lost’. It was from that moment I began my journey as a songwriter…and then a singer…and then a singer-songwriter.

Yes, I learned how to write songs before I could sing. Pretty much like how I used to walk before I could crawl when I was a toddler. My singing improved bit by bit through the songs I wrote. And from there, I ventured myself into other musical platforms. From choirs, to orchestras and marching bands, and to impromptu performances request from dad to his guests (quite inevitable when your big man is music figure himself), which became my staple routine to feed my confidence in a live show.

Before I knew it, music became a part of my life, ingrained within me. It was the accompaniment I brought wherever I went. It orbited my studies, often becoming my creative outcry when under pressure. It was my best friend. And I have my dad to thank for that.

That is how it all started. My turning point in being a singer-songwriter. But it was always on the sidelines.

Ever feel like you should be doing “something else”?

It took me a degree in engineering, two years of free-lance music odd jobs, and a year in a brand consultancy firm to decide that full-time music is my true calling. Instead of having music revolving around something in my life, I wanted those ‘something else in my life’ to revolve around music. So at the age of 26, I decided that I had to take music to the next level. This was also aided by the fact that I came to point that expressing my musical ideas was simply tougher as my songs and music became more and more complex. The ideas in my head were difficult to convey in just mere layman verbal and terms. I needed to learn. I needed to upgrade myself.

And now after much weighing and big life decision makings, I’m a full-time music student in Berklee College of Music, and a singer-songwriter who’s job description comes with getting his heart broken by girls – so as to have more things to whine about (sing) <— story of my life for another blog post!

It was at this place that I found my love for writing music. When I say writing music, it’s a little different from writing songs, which I’ve been doing from even before. Writing music involved scoring out music on music sheets with proper arrangements for every instruments. The mechanical process of it involves numbers and maths, something I am familiar with from my engineering days! The theory that I garnered within the year I was here helped me tremendously in translating the music in my head onto paper. This was what I wanted.

With my newfound love for writing and arranging music, I decided that it will be my staple provider in the music world, and my singer-songwriter profession is my outlet to express my writing journey. It was songs I was writing back then, and now I will write its music too. I chose the path of an arranger.

Well, it’s just me…

When asked, I am a songwriter first, singer second, guitarist third. When asked further, I’m probably a bum fourth.

So, this website will serve as a place for me to bum around and share my musical ideas and cross collaboration between my world of music writing and songwriting.  The exciting theories I learn will be implemented in my songs – both old and new, and will be shared though my singer-songwriter persona.

So, welcome you, you and you…to my story… where I will be sharing my musical endeavors, with hope that it may bring inspirations to your ears.

What’s to come? Expect my new single which will be released next week to hear my new sound. A sound that has been carefully arranged and produced to (hopefully) induce new meaning to ‘music that breathes’

In the meantime, all songs from my previous EP ‘First Melodies’ (recorded pre-UK studies, which explains the happy and jovial feel to it!) will be available for download for free, but only for a limited time until April 24th, midnight. After that, I will be taking it down forever, and unveiling my new sound. You’ll get to see and hear the evolution of my sound – old and new – and I’d love to hear your thoughts. So please don’t be shy to comment!

All in all, this has definitely been a long road. And a longer one ahead. But every struggle was worth it. I hope this new maturity in sound brings something new to ponder, as I would strive to improve both musically and as a person.

Do look forward to the release of my first ever single. Sign up for my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out. It’s going to be exciting! Oh, and of course, come by to one of my gigs and don’t be shy to say hi!

Alas, it is never too late to chase your dreams and passion. And when the world says no, fight for a world that says yes.

Good day.

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