What Happened When An Amir Dropped By

So last Thursday, Amir and Yue Meng from YESWorld dropped by the house to shoot me a few questions on camera.

Nice bunch these guys. Fun humored and sporting. The kind of people you can goof around on camera! We used the living space at the backyard, just to get a nice nature-ish feel.

I asked Amir (the interviewer) if I could see the questions before hand… just for prep. But yikes, apparently it’s the on-the-go Q&A kinda type. “We want to capture your natural expression!” he said.  Fair enough. And instantly I felt like I was in an examination hall for an aural test. Pressure pressure!

But it went well. Had some unexpected question curved at me, so I bet they’ve got some pretty good ‘oh-my-god-what?!’ expressions on my face.

Anyways, click the picture below or click here to watch my exclusive interview with YES. Bonus points if you can spot my hidden ‘YES!’ expression when Amir referenced me to John Mayer (thanks dude for the momentarily ego boost haha!) … Go check it out!

After looking at it, I noticed my hands are so ever light and always on the move. Funny part is I don’t even remember it! (Promise you won’t laugh ok… I was nervous!)

In any case, the shoot ended with them asking me for signed copies of the CDs for a contest. This is really where they should’ve filmed me, because I had one of the biggest jaw dropping faceless oh-my-god expression written all over my face. Firstly, I’m not really good with the whole signing/autograph thing. Secondly, a competition?!

Well, I suppose there’s a first for everything. I can safely scratch out ‘self cd competition’ off my bucket list – if there was one to start with!

To those who wants my ‘Faceless’ single cd with my scribbling on it (shamelessly asking), you can see how by going here:

Answer a ridiculously easy question to get a free copy of ‘Faceless’.

Ermm…good luck for the competition?

Have a good day!

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